The song selections below are from the original musical, CARNIVAL OF SOULS

Music composed and arranged by Anthony Adams

Lyrics by Anthony Adams & Christina Adams

“Wings Of Ecstasy”
Performed by Ben Vereen​

"Ripples In My Mind"
Performed by Arielle Jacobs

"God & Country"
Performed by Ben Caron

"Mama's Sweet Black Tea"
Performed by Beverley Braybon

“Monday Morning Blue”
Performed by Ben Caron

“In Your Wonderland”
Performed by Arielle Jacobs

“Get Your Ass Inside”
Performed by Ben Caron

“A Life In Shades of Grey”
Performed by Beverley Braybon & Douglas Crawford

“Carnival Of Souls”
Performed by Ben Vereen

“Tapestry Of Hearts”
Performed by Angel Blake


Arielle Jacobs

Ben Caron

Beverley Braybon



Published by Night Blooming Music

Produced by Anthony Adams, Douglass Bowerman & Ron Marinelli