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ANTHONY LEIGH ADAMS – Writer/Composer/Producer

ANTHONY LEIGH ADAMS is a writer, producer, director and composer with credits in television and theatre. He is currently composing the score and co-writing the lyrics and book for Sideways The Musical with Rex Pickett, author of the classic novel, Sideways, which the Oscar-winning film was based on. Tony Award-winning director/choreographer, Kathleen Marshall, is attached to direct.

For television, Anthony has written, produced and developed projects for studios and production companies including Disney Animation, Warner Bros., Universal, ABC, CBS, NBC, TBS, OWN and Apple TV+. He has also served as Archival Producer and Clearance Supervisor for series including The Oprah Conversation, Oprah's Book Club, Oprah’s Master Class and The Amazing Race.

For the theatre, Anthony has written and directed a number of plays and musicals including The Adventures of Olig and Obster, A Song For Gar, An Eye In Each Head, The Living Cell, The Great Relativity Bomb Plot and Carnival of Souls, starring Ben Vereen. He composed music for productions of Troilus and Cressida, The Hobbit, The Last Unicorn, The Martian Chronicles, and the national touring production of The Grapes Of Wrath, starring Ed Harris.

Anthony also wrote and directed Primal Twang: The Legacy of the Guitar, a theatrical journey through the colorful history of the world’s most popular instrument, featuring electrifying live performances by an all-star ensemble of guitar greats including Grammy-winners, Eric Johnson, Albert Lee, Andrew York, Mason Williams and Doc Watson. The concert documentary aired nationally on PBS and won Best Documentary Feature at the Rome International Film Festival. His other credits include writing and directing Love-In: A Musical Celebration, a live stage production featuring the music of the 1960’s for which he also composed the show’s theme song, “Summer of Love.” The show was hosted by Tony Award-winner, Ben Vereen. The concert documentary was released nationally on PBS.


CHRISTINA ADAMS – Writer/Producer/Music Supervisor

CHRISTINA ADAMS has written and produced many projects for television, film and stage, including the ABC movie, Badge of Betrayal, starring Harry Hamlin and the NBC movie, Murder or Memory, starring Emmy-winner, Leigh Taylor Young. She has written numerous episodes for such diverse series as Duck Tales for Disney Animation and Fragglerock for Marvel Productions. 

For Disney, Christina wrote and developed the East Indian epic, The Ramayana, as an animated feature. She also wrote and produced the feature film, Lost Lake, released on DVD by Warner Brothers Home Video, after a limited theatrical release. With her partner, Anthony Adams, she’s written, produced and developed film and television projects for a number of studios and production companies including Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, ABC, CBS, NBC, TBS and OWN.

Christina has been the archival producer and music supervisor for many television series and specials including Oprah’s Master Class, Oprah Goes To Broadway: The Color Purple, SuperSoul Sunday, First Lady Michelle Obama: An Oprah Winfrey Special, The Queen Latifa Show, Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker’s Wild, The Bachelor and The Amazing Race.

In addition to her work as a writer and producer, Christina is a singer-songwriter who has performed throughout India and Europe.  She has recorded several world music albums including the cult classic, Vrindaban, and is a featured performer on the soundtrack of Lost Lake.

Christina produced the stage production, Primal Twang, featuring an all-star ensemble of guitar great, including Grammy Award-winners, Eric Johnson, Albert Lee and Doc Watson.  She also produced the film version of Primal Twang, created from the live performances which aired nationally on PBS and won Best Documentary Feature at the Rome International Film Festival.

After completing post production on the film version of Primal Twang, Christina co-wrote, and produced the world premiere stage production,  Love-In, starring Broadway legend, Ben Vereen.   She also produced the Love-In music documentary, which aired nationally on PBS.

Christina’s latest project, Sins of The Father, co-written with Anthony Adams, is a novel based on the true story of her family which was torn apart by secrets and lies when her father, a university professor and former Catholic Monsignor, became convinced that God wanted him to abandon his family and return to the priesthood and a covert political society in the Vatican. The novel is based on their original screenplay. 


BRUCE MALM – Editor/Postproduction Supervisor

Bruce has been editing in the film and television industry for 30 years.  He’s edited numerous documentaries, feature films and national television programs and has been awarded three Emmy’s for his work.  He has edited and co-produced a number of projects for Adams Entertainment, including “The Deflowering of Budd Stump,” “Lost Lake,” and “Primal Twang” and "Love-In."

According to Bruce, he was born somewhere in Middle Earth and was raised surrounded by western mythology. He went to the University of Wisconsin to study quantum physics.  When he got to the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle he came to the conclusion that reality had no basis in fact and decided he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life adding gargoyles to the cathedral.

This led to his interest in filmmaking where reality is plastic.  He’s spent the last 25 years stacking time 24 quanta per second. He is currently living in Hollywood, studying advanced soul travel.


GEORGE “CORKY” LANG – Production Coordinator

A native of San Diego, Corky leads a varied career combining a love for travel and the arts. As president of a special events company, he created elaborate theme parties, including a Corporate Murder Mystery Evening engaging guests in over 100 performances.

Corky has directed, produced, and acted in numerous productions. He appeared in a national tour of The Grapes of Wrath, co-produced the musical Suds at the Waterfront Theatre in San Francisco, and was instrumental in founding the Fritz Theatre in San Diego. In the travel industry, he’s managed the arrangements of hundreds of premier incentive and corporate groups worldwide.

Corky has collaborated on a number of projects with Adams Entertainment, including "An Eye In Each Head," "The Adventures of Olig & Obster," "Lost Lake," "Primal Twang” and "Love-In."